Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I Yam What I Yam.

There is this friend of a friend, she was a Jew at the same time I was a Christian.
When she adopted the most pagan of all Christian religions. I said to myself, if this Jesus was a Jew, why would a Jew need to be a pagan? I had to take a new look at religion, and turn my back to all of it.
"But Jesus was such a nice boy!" Millions, perhaps Billions have been slaughtered in the name of Jesus and other religions.

"The great philosopher – sage of the twelfth century, Maimonides, basing himself on the earlier midrashim, maintains that it was actually Abraham who discovered the concept of ethical monotheism – a unique and single Creator of the universe who demands justice, compassion and peace. Abraham shattered the idols in Ur Kasdim, was chased to Haran where he continued to preach his new-found religion, and was at that time addressed by G-d and sent to the land of Israel (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Idolatry 1,3). In effect, then, if the question is raised:"

“How odd of G-d to choose Abraham for the Jews”

the logical answer must be:

“It was not at all odd because Abraham chose G-d”.

The Big Guy, does not restrict Himself to being G-d of only one religion. He is the only G-d of all creation. The only saving grace of all the world religions, is that the living G-d; is G-d over the heart's of all men.


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