Saturday, October 20, 2007


I Yam What I Yam.
With it's twisted roots more deeply pagan than Jewish, Christianity none the less, it is a powerful warhorse. Christianity is also a conundrum. Christian teachings and behaviour are riddled with contradictions.Acts of supreme self-sacrifice to ice cold blooded murder have been undertaken in the name of Christianity. From its inception Christians have been arguing and even fighting among themselves over the meaning of their religion.
Still today the beginnings of Christianity are shrouded in mystery.Many and various are the theories put forward to explain it.Initially Christianity grew out of Judaism in an almost parasitic fashion.To the Jews the Christians were heretics.Christians used Jewish scriptures as justification of their own teachings and scriptures.I believe that the major Christian doctrines emerged out of the mystery teachings that existed in Greece and the Middle East around 2000 years ago, but became distorted by the Church.Early Christian fathers such as Clement of Alexander and Origen mention the continuity between Greek philosophy, especially Plato, and the inner mystery teachings and Christianity.Both stated that Christianity had secret teachings for the few, just as was the case in the mysteries.

The early church was called "catholic", which means universal.It claimed to be for all, and it attempted to combine elements of many religions.In Christianity there is Judaic monotheism, Persian dualism, eastern otherworldliness and asceticism, and various mystery teachings.A veritable potpourri of religious ideas, bound to cause confusion.


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