Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Hiding Place

I Yam What I Yam.

This is the place where my religious metamorphosis into Abraham, all began. I went through a lot of changes on this blog, before I got to the finale point of denouncing all religions, as pagan idolatry. Christianity and Islam are among the worst, but Jewish idolatry is also a very real problem. "Our forefather Abraham began his search for the infinite dimension when he was three years old with a very simple, yet piercing question -- the kind of question most three year olds ask when they see something for the first time".

"Whose is it?"

One day little Abraham sees the moon and asks his father, "Dad, who owns the moon?" His father answers in the way of any self-respecting idol worshipper: "It belongs to the moon god, son," as he pulls the moon god off the shelf to show him.

Abraham's next question is, "Well who owns the moon god?"

With this simple question, Abraham is on the cusp of discovering the source of creation. He realizes that finite gods have a beginning, something that existed prior that created them. So Abraham keeps going backwards through the process, searching for the beginning of it all, disregarding the finite gods that exist in time and space. Eventually he reaches God with a capital G, the Being that existed before there ever was time, and asks, "Well, who created God? Where did He come from?"

A being that exists beyond time doesn't come from anywhere. He has always existed. If something created God, God would have a beginning and He'd be finite, not infinite. Beyond time means having no beginning and no end. Eternal. It means there is nothing that exists before God. 'Before' is a time-bound quality that applies only to finite entities. Therefore God is called "the First Cause" -- the Prime Mover -- the dimension that has no other dimension preceding it.

Abraham discovers the infinite source of existence, an Eternal Being, unhindered by time and space.

"Every Jew must believe and know that there exists a First Being, without beginning or end, who brought all things into existence and continues to sustain them. This Being is God." [Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, in his 18th century work, The Way of God]
I may have lost the love of my life, but I still have the walk to replenish my soul and restore my battered heart. Some of these people I blog with are so much like kin folks I can't help but love them. When we were in our 20's. Caren could of passed for the sister I never had. Except she has the beautiful eyes of my mother's cousin Roy. And cousin Roy himself, was a dead ringer for Sarah's grandfather, the late Rabbi, Alvin Fine. Brad, looks like and is just as strange as my cousin Kenny. Dave is uncle George, only much more honest. If Roy is Caren's real father, that would explain a lot of things. Joel Keller, reminds me of my best friend in high school, Mike Hackworth, a real nice guy, but he could be a real prick if things did not go his way. Derek Rose, is another dead ringer! Looks just like Larry, one of my cousins over in Ohio. I'm so embarrassed, after all these years, I'm still just a nobody in their eyes. I may be here for a good while, I must be really bad at communicating, I'm sure that these nice folks, would think a lot better of me, in the real world.


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