Friday, May 11, 2007


My dear and most sincere friend, you are about to receive a wonderful gift. A very special lucid dream. As sure as there is a true and living G-d: You will be assured that there is no such thing as Death, and that life and love are both eternal. You are indeed blessed.
For some unknown reason G-d wants no comments on this post. Just as well I suppose for this is more of a prophecy than a actual posting.

415 A.D.
The dream experiences of Gennadius, a physician from Carthage. Gennadius, disturbed by doubts as to whether there was life after physical death, had two dreams. In the first he was visited by a youth "of remarkable appearance and commanding presence" who demanded that he follow him. Gennadius did so and was led to a city where he could hear singing "so exquisitely sweet" and unlike anything he had ever heard before. He asked his guide what the music was, and was told, "it is the hymn of the blessed and the holy." At this point Gennadius woke, believing the experience to be nothing more than just a dream.

However, the next night, as he dreamed again, his young guide of the previous night returned and asked Gennadius if he recognized him. Gennadius replied "Certainly!" Then the youth asked him where they had met, but Gennadius could not remember, though he did correctly recall and describe the event of their meeting and what had occurred.

The youth pressed on; "Do you know that the eyes in this body of yours are now bound and closed, and that with these eyes you are seeing nothing?" "I know it," answered Gennadius. The guide then asked, "What then are the eyes with which you see me?" To this, Gennadius could not respond, he did not know the answer. The young guide then provided him with answers he had been seeking in his waking life:

"As while you are asleep and lying on your bed these eyes of your body are now unemployed and doing nothing, and yet you have eyes with which you behold me, and enjoy this vision, so after your death, while your bodily eyes shall be wholly inactive, there shall be in you a life by which you shall live, and a faculty of perception by which you shall still perceive. Beware, therefore, after this of harboring doubts as to whether the life of man shall continue after death."

“If we cannot remain present during sleep, if we lose ourselves every night, what chance do we have to be aware when death comes?. . . Look to your experience in dreams to know how you will fare in death. Look to your experience of sleep to discover whether or not you are truly awake.”
Tenzin Yangal Rinpoche

"Nevertheless, while it is free to every one to believe or disbelieve these statements, every man has his own consciousness at hand as a teacher by whose help he may apply himself to this most profound question.”

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