Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Yam What I Yam.
There is nothing miraculous or mysterious about the things we can explain. We control what we are able to explain, consequently it is only natural to seek an explanation for everything. It is not natural to obey, yet it is not necessarily sinful to disobey. There can be no real disobedience, nor any moral virtue in obedience, unless a person recognizes the higher authority of the one giving the orders. If this recognition does not exist, even the one giving the orders may view the other person’s disobedience as freedom. If one rules another by saying, "You must do this," and, "You will do that," he breaks the human spirit, making it unfit for G-d. A person is simply a slave for obeying, unless behind his obedience is the recognition of a holy G-d.

Many people begin coming to G-d once they stop being religious, because there is only one master of the human heart— El Shaddai, He is the very core of the spiritual experience, not religion. But "Woe is me" if after seeing Him I still will not obey ( Isaiah 6:5 , also see Isaiah 6:1 ). G-d will never insist that I obey, but if I don’t,I have already begun to sign the death certificate of my spiritual life. When I stand face to face with Adonai and say, "I will not obey," He will never insist. But when I do this, I am backing away from the recreating power of His redemption. It makes no difference to G-d’s grace what an abomination I am, if I will only come to the light. But "Woe is me" if I refuse the light!


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