Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Work Out" What G-d "Works in" You

I Yam What I Yam.
Your will agrees with G-d, but in your flesh there is a nature that renders you powerless to do what you know you ought to do. When the G-d initially comes in contact with our conscience, the first thing our conscience does is awaken our will, and our will always agrees with G-d. Yet you say, "But I don’t know if my will is in agreement with G-d." Look to G-d and you will find that your will and your conscience are in agreement with Him every time. What causes you to say "I will not obey" is something less deep and penetrating than your will. It is perversity or stubbornness, and they are never in agreement with G-d. The most profound thing in a person is his will, not sin.

The will is the essential element in G-d’s creation of human beings— sin is a perverse nature which entered into people. The source of the will is Almighty G-d. ". . . for it is G-d who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure." With focused attention and great care, you have to "work out" what G-d "works in" you— not work to accomplish or earn "your own salvation," but work it out so you will exhibit the evidence of a life based with determined, unshakable faith in the complete and perfect will of the true and living G-d. As you do this, you do not bring an opposing will up against G-d’s will— G-d’s will is your will. Your natural choices will be in accordance with G-d’s will, and living this life will be as natural as breathing. Stubbornness is an unintelligent barrier, refusing enlightenment and blocking its flow. The only thing to do with this barrier of stubbornness is to blow it up with "dynamite," and the "dynamite" is obedience to Yahweh.

Do I believe that Almighty G-d is the Source of my will? G-d not only expects me to do His will, but He is in me to do it.


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