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Letter to the Christians

I Yam What I Yam.

To a Christian friend offended by anti-christianism.

I feel for you. Really. It is hard to be disliked because of your beliefs. Maybe it will help you to see how I, a no non Christain feel all the time.

To start with, living in this society means living in a reality where someone wonderful lived and died 2000 years ago. Even non Christians are encouraged to emulate this universal figure.


1. If Jesus existed, he sure was not called "Jesus Christ." Christ is a greek word meaning anointed. While Judaism of 2 millenia ago did yearn for a leader who would overthrow the Roman yoke, the idea that the Jews rejected Jesus as a messiah makes no sense.

The word "Christ" had no "coming of the seviour" meaning in Jesus' own time. There is NO historical evidence, outside of the Christian Bible (CB), of a gentle teacher who was regarded by Romans or Jews as a savior figure during Jesus's time. MUCH earlier, there were similar figures ...a Yashua ben Pantera lieved abut 100 years earlier and, of course 30 years later, bar Kochba was hailed as a messiah.

2. No one knows what "Jesus Christ" said. The is extensive evidence that the citations attributed to Jesus in the Christian Bible (CB) were not made by any one person. Some of the statements, if they had been made, wold have resulted in his being stoned to death as a blasphemer. Others would have led many to regard him as a Quisling. This does not say there are not good things too, but Christians who want to claim to "know" WWJD, have a real problem.

3. The Jesus painted in the CB is a sanctimonious blasphemer. Judaism is an obligate monotheism. Anyone claiming to be a personification of God, literal son of God, or any such thing would have beens toned for blasphemy.

Worse,despite the good words of the sermon on the mount, that ACTS pf Jesus do nto include a single act of simple charity .. as opposed to miracles. If this was aman, he was not a very good man. WWJD, for most of us, means uisng magic powers to help others.

4. Many of the aspects of Christianity growing out of its role as a state religion are repulsive to those of us who are not Christian:'

a. Exclusivity. To my knowledge, Christianity was the first religion to claim to be the sole, exclusive truth and to depict a Deity who requires belief in Himself. The evil done because of this is overwhelming.

b. Destruction of the past. Wherever it has gone, Christianity has practiced cultural abalation. The thought of the dead deities and faiths of Europe, Africa, Asia, saddening.

5. Many of the commonly held beliefs of Christians are deeply offensive to others:

a.The evil Pharisees. The Pharisees were the leaders of the resistance against Rome ..not surprisingly the Roman religion denigrates the people who founded modern Judaism. My son is named for the head Pharisee, Hillel. Hille is credited with inventing rabbinic Judaism.

b. Theophagy ... it is awfully impolite, but the ritual practice of the mass is distasteful. Imagine, if you will, a "native: culture that baked and ate images of babies. To a non-Christian, that is the image the mass conveys.

c. To accept Christianity is, to most, to accept the idea that Judaism was flawed.

d. Idolatry. It is deeply troubling to watch people who genuflect before atatues of Mary, Jesus, the Sainst, etc .. and then denigrate Buddhists (who have NO God), Hindus, etc,

6. Asking a Jew to be tolerant of Christianity is akin to asking me to tolerate a religion that came into being with the intent of destroying all other religions.

How did this religion come into being? The Christian religion we have today can be traced to only one clear event .. the Council of Nicea. At that meeting, the religion was codified by a Roman Council as a means to politically unite the Empire. The result was suppression of many christianities that existed before that time.

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At Wednesday, January 09, 2008 11:15:00 AM, Anonymous sky said...

Namaste' Walt, first off thanks for commenting on my blog that was SO nice of you!!! This site has interesting ramblings here too. Wow you went deep here. I typically avoid at all costs anything to do with what you wrote, with others I meet (think just don't go there Sky ;0) but I sat here thinking, you did that well! :0) Facts be what they be, and need not sting if you know who you are anyways. I don't see you writing to insult, I did see why many have sore feelings about the religion in general though and hope people will see that within the post. P.S my blog is going a little backwards on me haha I wish I could back up to July and the monks. The recent one is the Kenton Carnegie Article written Dec. right after my Greeting. metta!

At Thursday, January 10, 2008 6:13:00 PM, Blogger Walt said...

SKY, for you to venture this far into my head tells me that you are indeed a special lady. Just as Abraham rejected the religions of his time; to seek the face of the Most High: So have I rejected the religions of my fathers. There are many paths of truth and enlightenment, but that is all they are, for there is only one God over all.
Sky, I am ever evolving in my understanding, but if you'll be patient with me, it will be a pleasure to complete this journey with you.


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