Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sanctuary of Grace

I Yam What I Yam.


I'm not accustomed to rejection, it is something I rarely encounter in the real world. Blogging was just a sideshow in my life until I won and lost Sarah in a flash. Then I realised such an event would never have happened had I been able to establish some credibility for myself. I had nothing to offer, I failed to make a single friend. I did get invitations to visit Germany, and the great state of Alabama. I think it is a cultural thing with the Germans, they are bound to invite anyone they blog with to come visit their country. For the most part I get the feeling that most bloggers would rather keep me inside their computers, and not come anywhere near their home state. Like I said all this did not bother me, until Sarah placed me in an extremely challenging situation, with no chance of showing her just who and what I am. Sarah did her best to accommodate me, but words are only words, and she needed the habeas corpus, to make me a real candidate. Oh how much I wished that anyone, would of invited me to come up North, so I could at last be someone as real as my love.


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