Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rain Man Did It !

I Yam What I Yam.

My autistic little brother crashed the computer again, he is a good boy most of the time.
I've been looking after him, ever since our mother died unexpectedly at 63. Help is on the way, my two handsome nephews are coming, and we should have it fixed by next week.

In religion we attempt to mask our doubts, and fears, and to put a false face on G-d to suit our liking. Because this applies to all religions, there is automatically an inherent danger of false teachings. We find ourselves forgetting, that all our words are merely man made symbols. The sin of all religions is religion, and the worship there of. Too frequently we become so attached to our ways of thinking and speaking that we forget that they are only creations of the human mind. We not only forget that our forms of worship are designed by man, but also that our ideas about the nature of the world spring from our very thoughts.


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